Surprise Pop-ups Highlight Local San Diego Culture and Flavors

One of the best parts of Emergency Nursing each year is the opportunity to experience the local culture and flavors of the conference’s host city. To celebrate Emergency Nursing 2023 in San Diego and treat its members, ENA will host a series of surprise “Joy Pop-ups” on Sept. 22-23 inside the San Diego Convention Center.

Angela Jonker, MBA, CMP, DES
Angela Jonker, MBA, CMP, DES

As part of the fun, the Joy Pop-up stations will be built on-site, without prior announcements of where or when they’ll be open. Once a station is ready to share its offerings with attendees, a notification will be sent through the ENA Events app. Those interested in visiting the Joy Pop-ups are encouraged to keep their app notification settings turned on. All stations will be open for a limited time and operate on a first-come, first-served basis.

“We added the Joy Pop-ups to Emergency Nursing for the first time last year in Denver to bring an element of surprise and joy for our members attending the conference,” ENA Meetings Manager Angela Jonker, CMP, DES, MBA, explained. “They received such a great reception that we really wanted to bring them to San Diego.”

Last year’s giveaways included locally crafted souvenirs as well as food and beverages that provided attendees with a taste of several regional delicacies. The Joy Pop-ups at Emergency Nursing 2023 will highlight some of the best San Diego has to offer.

This year’s Joy Pop-Up stations are sponsored by Stryker and FirstNet®, Built with AT&T.