Get Your ENA Fix at the ENA Experience Hall

Emergency Nursing 2023 attendees looking to immerse themselves in all things ENA should head to the ENA Experience Hall, open from 11 a.m.-3:30 p.m. on Sept 22-23. They will get the inside scoop on how to make the most of their ENA memberships and take advantage of ENA products, programs and services to help them elevate their skills, improve their workplaces and propel their careers.

Merrill Green
Merrill Green

“It’s a good place to connect with ENA, get to know ENA staff, and learn about all the diverse benefits and services ENA offers,” said Member Engagement Manager Merrill Green.

DEI Engagement Activity

One highlight of this year’s ENA Experience Hall is the diversity, equity and inclusion activity. Attendees will evaluate how well they and their colleagues provide unbiased and equitable care and actively engage in DEI. Participants will mark their answers by placing stickers on a matrix, creating a heatmap that provides a visual representation of their DEI efforts.

If attendees prefer anonymity, they can submit their responses digitally by scanning a QR code at the DEI booth where the activity is located. Then, an ENA staff member will place the stickers in the appropriate locations on the matrix that represent those digital responses.

“We’re looking for engagement that goes beyond putting a sticker on a wall,” said ENA Marketing Specialist Aaron Coats, who co-chairs the staff council that leads ENA’s DEI work. “We hope it makes participants think about DEI at their facilities and spurs conversations among their colleagues. We hope they implement some version [of the heatmap activity] when they get home.”

Aaron Coats
Aaron Coats

Academy of Emergency Nursing Fellows

Becoming a Fellow of the Academy of Emergency Nursing is among the highest honors an emergency nurse can receive. The recognition is for emergency nurses who have made enduring contributions to the emergency nursing specialty while advancing the profession. AEN Fellows will be on hand to share what it takes to earn this prestigious accolade.

ENA Education

The center of the ENA Experience Hall will feature several kiosks showcasing ENA educational products, research and services that can play a crucial role in an emergency nurse’s career development. Attendees can check out several ENA courses, including the Trauma Nursing Core Course, Emergency Nursing Pediatric Course and the Triage Curriculum. In addition, they can learn about the ENA Emergency Nurse Residency Program for new graduates or experienced nurses who are new to the ED. ENA will also share its latest research on evidence-based practices for emergency nursing.

ENA Foundation

Attendees interested in scholarships or grants should stop by the ENA Foundation booth. The Foundation has awarded more than $5.6 million in academic scholarships, research grants and emergency relief grants to over 2,700 emergency nurses since 1991. To continue providing these resources and support the future of emergency nursing, the Foundation will be accepting donations during the conference.

Journal of Emergency Nursing

Interested in publishing an article in the Journal of Emergency Nursing? The editors of JEN will be in the ENA Experience Hall to discuss the types of articles they are looking for and details about the submission and publishing process.

ENA Membership

Attendees should stop by the ENA Membership booth to ask questions about their memberships, renew their memberships and ensure they are reaping the benefits of that investment. If attendees renew their memberships at the conference, they will receive a 20 percent discount on their renewal fees. Attendees will also receive a gift if they enroll in the auto-renew option at the conference.

ENA Marketplace

Don’t forget to pick up exclusive ENA merchandise as a memento of the conference. The ENA Marketplace will have T-shirts, sweatshirts, baseball caps, mugs, tumblers and other ENA swag available for purchase.