ENA Updates Emergency Nursing 2021 Safety Protocols

ENA recently announced health and safety protocols for Emergency Nursing 2021 in Orlando that require attendees be vaccinated and wear masks if they want to participate in the association’s annual education and networking event.

The association developed the measures in consideration of numerous federal, state and local guidelines and best practices, as well as collaboration with key partners. ENA is working with the Orange County Convention Center on safety logistics, such as enhanced cleaning and sanitation standards and placement of hand sanitizer stations.

Additionally, ENA will offer optional PCR and rapid antigen COVID-19 testing on-site for attendees.

More information on ENA’s safety plans is available on the Emergency Nursing 2021 safety page on the ENA website.

ENA President Ron Kraus emphasized that association leaders considered many factors in deciding how best to move forward with the event, all with the safety of attendees, exhibitors and staff members ranking as the highest priority.

“Just as it has done for the last year and a half, ENA continues to look at the best ways to support its members during the pandemic. Their need for education never stopped, and their desire to be connected and heard has only increased. ENA’s annual conference is an important part of advancing excellence in emergency nursing as it drives professional and clinical skill development through high-quality learning opportunities,” Kraus said. “With concerns about burnout, mental health and overall well-being as prominent as ever, hundreds of ENA members have registered to be in Orlando to learn, network and reconnect — in a safe environment — as a way to recharge themselves during this most challenging of times.”

Kraus added that ENA members who cannot travel, or choose not to, can take advantage of EN21’s Hybrid Xperience by registering to attend virtually. On July 22, ENA introduced the Kindness Clause, which enables attendees to switch their registration type between virtual and in-person at no charge.

ENA pledged to monitor the ongoing situation in Florida and the rest of the country in the coming weeks and provide safety updates as needed through email and on the EN21 webpage.